4th Jul 2007

July Post

Growth updates on a Monday - Wednesday - Friday schedule. Leave a comment here if you have an incentive request!

IKEBANA - Collaboration project with Momo Toe. The whole comic is undergoing a redesign, from the site to a redraw of early chapters. Expect a relaunch in September!

SMACKTALK - I still do reviews for this relatively bi-monthly e-zine.

NESCIENCE is my original comic, MASAMA HIDEKI is one I translate for Momo Toe. Both are on hold due to time constraints. I also proof for a German comic called WARAT.

Fiction projects: "How Not To Date Blondes" (FF8), "Hunter" (FF4), "Memento Vivere" (FFX) and "Subuki Gaiden" (Ikebana).

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Enkida, 4th Jul 2007

INCENTIVE REQUESTS 1. KH Leon and Seifer fighting, Yuffie telling Leon to 'grow up'
2. FF character morphing into a summon
3. Rydia from FF4, grown-up
4. Vincent as DoC Chaos, in colour

THIS WEEK: Oops, I crapped up the incentive order list. This week is the kids from Nescience. SORRY! ^^;
NEXT WEEK: FF7 Citadel Nanaki picture OR cyborg Nanaki commission

Thistle (Guest), 19th Jul 2007

Great! "Moogle playing a Moog" is a great concept! If nobody has done it I guess I'll have to do one myself. I specifically was searching for a picture of this, I was happy to find anything about it.

andygoth, 22nd Jul 2007

Thistle: thanks for complimenting the idea; I'm the one who suggested it.

Find the picture in the incentive gallery. Here's a direct link: http://vincent.asmallorange.com/~iwakura/ff7/images/incentive/voting_108.jpg

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