12th Aug 2007

August 2007 Post

Growth updates on a Monday - Wednesday - Friday schedule. Don't like FF7? Then check out these instead:

NESCIENCE - My original fantasy webcomic. For dragon lovers!

IKEBANA - Shoujo manga collaboration with Momo Toe. Relaunch this August!

SMACKTALK - I still do reviews for this relatively bi-monthly comic review e-zine.

MASAMA HIDEKI is on hold due to time constraints. I also proof for a German comic called WARAT.

Fiction projects: "How Not To Date Blondes" (FF8), "Hunter" (FF4), "Memento Vivere" (FFX) and "Subuki Gaiden" (Ikebana).

** Incentive requests are currently closed. **

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Enkida, 12th Aug 2007

Incentive Requests !! Incentive requests are CLOSED !!
They'll remain closed while I'm working on Nescience.

1. KH Leon and Seifer fighting, Yuffie telling Leon to 'grow up'
2. FF character morphing into a summon
3. Rydia from FF4, grown-up
4. Vincent as DoC Chaos, in colour


Orinocou (Guest), 8th Sep 2007

Looking good! Hey! I like the new look of your site. Very sharp. Keep up the good work, man!

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