11th Feb 2008

February 2008

Wow, it's a busy year and it doesn't seem like anything is slowing down for me. Growth is still trying to stick to a M-W-F update schedule, but it may be that I have to fall back to 2x week update if I can't handle my schedule.

The search engine has been repaired and is now hosted by Andy Goth, many thanks for that. Check it out, it's awesome! :-) Anyone who wants to help make plain text transcriptions of comic pages starting from page 320 can feel free to email me - any help is appreciated!

Don't like FF VII? Then check out these instead:

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IKEBANA - I write for this shoujo manga.

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Guest, 29th Jun 2008

Comic Its been about a month and a half already when are you going to start updating again.

Incognitoinnominate (Guest), 4th Jul 2008

yeah now it's like 2.5 months... im starting to wonder if somthing has happened to you.

houseareuniv (Guest), 23rd Jul 2008

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kuoru (Guest), 11th Aug 2008

comic I love the story for this comic, Yuffie by far is my favorite character. please come back and finish this ^_^

appleredcare (Guest), 14th Aug 2008

apple red ca student night we free right speed global white yahoo

Flare (Guest), 27th Aug 2008

Hey are you ok? If you have any free time plz update again

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