19th Sep 2008

September 2008

Hello everyone! The comic was on hold for quite a while due to preparations for a month-long stay in the US which featured both a wedding and my 4-month old niece. I'm back now, however, and working to restore the comic galleries as quickly as I can. Hopefully the comic will begin to update again very soon; thanks for your patience and support!

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posted by Enkida @ 19th Sep 2008   3 comments


Dan191 (Guest), 23rd Sep 2008

WB W00t Glad you're back, was wondering what happened to ya X3

kuoru (Guest), 2nd Oct 2008

yay welcome back, thanks for the update ^_^

BahamutINFINITY (Guest), 25th Feb 2009

C'mon, people, vote for this comic! 200-ish just doesn't do it justice!

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