13th Jan 2010

January 2010

I brought the old site design for easier navigation. I brought the site back at all because I'm not impressed with Platinum Studios, either. And I paid for this space until 2011 anyway, so enjoy it you guys.

The comic doesn't update regularly anymore due to real life dropping a metric sh*tton of misfortune on me. "What misfortune could bad enough to stop updating this webcomic?" the cynics among you might ask. Well let's see. There were the two miscarriages, then there were the two parental heart attacks, and currently there is the very ugly family split over care and well-being of one of my parents, who has been diagnosed with full mental dementia. Pages will come when they can, please understand that I can at the moment no longer make producing comics my top priority.

Thanks for sticking with the comic and continuing to read. I do hope to be able to dedicate more resources to the comic in the future and improve the sadly flagging art again at some point in time. In the mean time give a big thanks to all the guest artists who stop by and occassionally give these pages some cosmetic surgery. :)

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Elisa Crescent (Guest), 29th Jan 2010

I Can Attest I know what its like to be busy in real life and I personally just got into the yuffintine pairing and was looking for doujins when I came across your lovely little fan comic and I have to say I love it. I'll try to be around until you finish thing thing for sure so please don't ever stop drawing it! I want to see this masterpiece in progress finished!

Luna_Riven, 26th Feb 2010

In support~ I'm sorry this has taken so long to post, I just got around to making an account. I've been reading this comic since not long after it started as I'm sure many people have. I am truly sorry that life has been so rough for you lately and I hope very much that things will improve in the near future. Never forget that you have a small army of silent supporters here who love you and love your work. If there is anything I could do to help, please let me know. We all look forward to new pages, whenever they may come. <3

n30sh4d0w (Guest), 10th Mar 2010

I always though the old design was awesome :3 then again I never had a chance to see the "new" one

muku (Guest), 2nd May 2010


Yuko Hoon (Guest), 26th Jun 2010

I just came to this comic and read all of it. I know how hard these problems are for you, so I really hope that everything gets better for you.

Sheida (Guest), 21st Jul 2010

Hello I really hope you will continue doing this comic, I have waited for months and I still keep checking everyday for it to continue.

metallover (Guest), 26th Jun 2011

I'm willing to wait. I'm sure I've told you this before (in some distant, dark corner of the comments section somewhere else...) but Growth is one of the reasons I started writing. So... yeah. Just thought that might cheer you up a little.
I'm really looking forward to that new ending you alluded to...

theamazingrando (Guest), 2nd Sep 2011

Long time Oddly enough, today's the first time i've checked up on this comic in over a year and a half (due to losing internet and moving and a bunch of other crap), and im pretty sure that i only missed out on a few pages. That might sound like a complaint but in fact it worked out kinda nicely, i don't have a ton of catching up to do.

Im really sorry to hear about all the misfortune that life decided to unceremoniously dump on you, i sincerely hope that things begin to look up for you, im also glad to hear that you finally had a child, belated congratulations to you!

I'll be waiting patiently for your return, and thanks for all the excellent pages that came before!

Your #1 fan in Canuk land, Randy S.

Garronn (Guest), 10th Dec 2012

Thoughts with you I really hope things get better for you, I know real life drama can disrupt your life greatly. I love your comic and I look forward to the day you start updates again.

doom Bubbles, 25th Jan 2015

Hope life is treating you better these days, Enkida!

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