14th May 2015

Not an update...

Hello everyone. Thanks for sticking with the comic thus far. I wish I had the time to draw comics still, I do miss it dearly. Unfortunately it's been years since I've had the time to draw, and probably will be a few more yet. It's been fun and I hope you enjoyed reading what I did manage to create. Maybe someday I can finish this behemoth, but I'm sad to say it won't be anytime soon. Thank you for reading!

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Long Time Reader (Guest), 15th Aug 2015

Thank you for writing! Thanks for taking the time to create this comic. You could have stopped at the story, but you went further. I'm sad that it's kinda "ending", but life does change things. I'll just reread the fanfiction :) Hope your life is fantastic!

Much love for you from a long time reader! Mwah!

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