4th Jan 2007

Happy New Year!

Hey everyone. 2006 didn't end very well; as some of you know, a good friend of mine passed away in the beginning of December. This comic is now dedicated to Liz Coggins and Val Lambert, and to all other friends, past and present, old and new, real life and online.

There are a few mild changes to the comic; a new cover image (the old is archived under "Fillers"), and most importantly, you can now download a ZIPped archive of the comic, if you prefer to read it offline. Updates are currently only TWICE a week, three times if I'm particularly productive, still on a Monday-Wednesday-Friday basis.

Incentive requests ARE still open; please read the comments to see what the current unfilled requests are, and leave any further requests as a comment to this news post.

Also, please go check out Ikebana (link), a co-production between myself and Momo Toe which updates Fridays.

You can also read Nescience (link), my other comic which updates once a week on Sundays.

All fanfiction projects are currently on hold until at LEAST February. Got any other questions, comments? Leave them here!

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Enkida, 4th Jan 2007

INCENTIVE REQUESTS 1. Vincent and Vasilli from "Nescience"
2. Selphie and Irvine from FF8
3. Vincent dressed as Yuffie
4. Yuffie as Chaos
5. Yazoo / Vincent / Yuffie
6. Any FF9 char EXCEPT Kuja
7. Vincent and Cloud doing karaoke
8. Kuja and Seymour in Tifa's bar
9. Vincent playing golf

, 10th Jan 2007

Hmm... a Cid/Yuffie would be nice too. Or even a Yazoo/Vincent/Yuffie. :P

andygoth, 14th Jan 2007

I'd really like to see something from FF9, quite possibly my favorite game from the series.

UPDATE: Please do *not* draw Kuja's gay outfit!

Neph (Guest), 17th Jan 2007

I have an incentive request! Vincent and Cloud doing karaoke! Since it's probably not possible to do the whole gang... but if you could, that would be so fun. ^o^

, 23rd Jan 2007

Oooo! Speaking of FF9, I would love to see a Kuja and in his normal outfit. Yum. :P Perhaps standing in Tifa's bar?

Enkida, 24th Jan 2007



You guys make me laugh. :)

, 24th Jan 2007

Ooo! You should throw Seymour from ffx into the picture with Kuja in Tifa's bar... Yum..!

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