22nd May 2006

Domain Explosion

You know, I've just about had it with my domain / hosting problems. As much as I love the Walrus script (and I really do), I can't have my site going down on a monthly basis, something which it's managed to do this year every single month so far. Hopefully the transition to the new Smackjeeves site will be smooth and painless for you guys. New comics are no longer on the front page, use the menu to click on 'latest comic' and you'll see them. I apologize to all of the readers for the upset, and the delay it's causing in the update of my OTHER comic.

The character page will not be coming back; the link-me banner can be found under 'links' now. There's also the capability to rate comics on this site, so if you read, leave a high one, heh! ;-)

Thanks, and again I apologize for the mess.

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Lexi (Guest), 23rd May 2006

the vote button doesn't work right

Enkida, 23rd May 2006

Voting problem It seems to be a problem with the TWC list itself, not the site, unfortunately. Thanks for the heads up though.

Lone Gunman (Guest), 23rd May 2006

Keep up the great work. I thought I would wait some more before I would credit you, but now seems to be a good time for that.

You've done amazing job with this comic. I and many others, I believe, have tremendously enjoyed reading it. The road has been rocky, yes, because of things you haven't had the chance to influence to, such as the domain errors, broken scanners, diseases and so on.

However, I believe I'm speaking for the all of us when I say that regardless of all the mess, we are looking forward to see more of your superb work.

Thank you for what you've given us until now, and thank you in advance for what you're going to give us in the future.

- Lone Gunman, Onni Kaarle

Enkida, 23rd May 2006

Gosh! Thanks for the kind words. They actually do make me draw faster, hehe. Good luck with your own fiction too, and really, I appreciate your support. :)

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